Working it Out.

Relationships.  They are messy and beautiful.  They do not happen without work from all the people involved.  What is the most important component of any relationship? Communication.  This is the foundation to connection and the cornerstone of trust.

There is one core relationship that has been evolving since my birth.  This relationship is quite unique for several reasons.  First, it is ever-present.  Second, no matter how much I may try to sabotage the relationship (and believe me, I have tried more times than I care to admit), the relationship does not cease to exist.  In fact, it is through those times I am reminded of the extreme importance this relationship holds.


As a very young child, I knew relationship with Jesus.  I was not taught it.  In fact, my family did not attend church until I began dragging them with me when I was around the age of five.  Religion did not exist then, relationship was all I knew.  And this was a beautiful thing. Religion complicates things.  Religion imposed rules and made me feel like I would never measure up.  Jesus is not that.  He is full of mercy, grace and love that we could never comprehend.  I knew this once and I have been slowly making my way back to this truth.  The journey has been complicated and heartbreaking a times, but I have learned that the shame and unworthiness I feel is all of my own doing.  Jesus sees  eyes of perfect love.  WOW!  That is beautiful truth that I wish more people would truly own.

A few things I have accepted through this journey:

  1. I was created for relationship and the only place I will find that in perfect form is through relationship with Jesus. Any other attempt will never bring me fulfillment.
  2. I don’t need to be perfect. In fact, it is impossible and exhausting.
  3. Jesus desires a relationship with me.  He will not force it upon me.  He wants me to chose him.  Free choice. Do you know how long it took me to grasp the greatness of this?
  4. My past does not define me.  Nor do my current mistakes.  Grace exists for this very reason. I give thanks for grace on the daily, y’all!
  5. Each person is responsible for their own journey of working out their faith.  While the destination is important, the journey is beautiful and should be savored.
  6. I am highly favored. I am wonderfully made and exist with purpose.
  7. I am not God.  I am not in charge. Thank goodness!
  8. Prayer always works.  It is extremely powerful and grows my relationship with Jesus exponentially.
  9. There is nothing I can do to separate myself from the love of Jesus.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

I truly believe the world needs Jesus.  NOT religion.  There is so much religion that people can’t even see Jesus. I stepped away from my faith once because things were too complicated.  It was too difficult.  It was unattainable. What I’ve learned is that we complicate things.  Jesus is, was and will always be perfect love.  We just need to look to him. We need to talk to him.  Communication through prayer, engaging his presence and delving into His word brings us closer to him and truth.  And you know what…THE TRUTH SETS YOU FREE. Run, Go get you some of that.  Believe me, it is good stuff!


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