The Fam.


I’ve always wanted a BIG family.  I can’t recall ever wanting to be the one to birth said large family (hello, pain!), but I have never  imagined anything other than a large family gathered together during the holidays and celebratory times of life. Over the last 36 years, my definition of family has evolved.  I’ve learned that blood really is thicker than water, but I have also witnessed the fact that are bodies are made up primarily of water. Family is given to us, as a gift, even though we may not be able to figure out what exactly that gifting may be.  I do not believe our family is an accidental placement.  They  make us who we are and drive us to become what we desire to embody, whether that is a continuation of a legacy or the creation of a new destiny.  Family truly is everything.

I take great pride in my familial titles.  Daughter, sister, auntE, mother, friend…they all carry vast responsibility.  If I could only chose one word to represent what I am about, it would be family. I am proud of where I came from and take great joy in watching the growth and evolution of the generation that I am helping raise.

As I write this introductory post in my blog, I am reminded of where I flow from; the unique men and women that created and molded me.  We are who we are because of who we were.  We will become who we will be because of where we came from.  Our motivation to live up to or rise above our family name only makes this world a better place.  Here is to the next generation of world changers.  Here is to family.

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